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Air pollution matters

The facts on air pollution from nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PM) are shocking, with motor transport the main offender.

  • Tens of thousands of UK deaths each year are attributable to air pollution
  • Children exposed to air pollution are at risk of life-limiting health problems
  • On average, transport is responsible for 80 per cent of NOx emissions at the roadside 
  • The largest source of emissions is diesel vehicles
  • Up to 95 per cent of diesel vehicles on the road are currently breaking air pollution limits
  • HGV road journeys produce 76 per cent more CO2 than the equivalent freight by rail, 90 per cent more PM10 and up to fifteen times more NOx

We are calling for urgent action at national and local level: every community is entitled to clean air. Campaigning for better, sustainable transport is a vital part of this.

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