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General enquiries

We are a very small team and may struggle to respond to all messages (or may take some time to get back to you) so thanks for understanding. The suggestions below may help in some queries:

  • If you require support or advice for a local transport campaign, we recommend Transport Action Network.
  • Here is our page about rail line reopenings (please let us know about any lines that we've missed!). We're not able to give details of the progress of these schemes.
  • We cannot help if you have a complaint about a public transport service. Please contact the company first; if your complaint is not resolved, please try the Rail Ombudsman or Bus Users.
  • If you would simply like to be kept informed about our campaigns, please sign up to our email list.

For enquiries relating to Campaign for Better Transport, please use the web form below.

For enquiries relating to Campaign for Better Transport, please contact us by email using this form: 

If you'd like us to respond by telephone, please enter your telephone number here
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