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Funding local bus services in England Cover image and download link

 Funding local bus services in England

July 2022. Local bus services have been in decline for some time, but the pandemic had a devastating impact. Bus services were cut by 16 per cent in the first year of the pandemic alone. This report looks at what needs to happen to give every community the bus service it deserves.
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Connecting communities cover image and download link

 Connecting communities: improving transport to get 'left behind' neighbourhoods back on track

March 2021. How important is physical connectivity in helping to create a thriving community? That's the question this report, produced on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for 'Left Behind' Neighbourhoods and Local Trust, attempted to answer.
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The case for expanding the rail network cover image and download link

 The case for expanding the rail network

Feb 2019. With rail vital to a green transport future, reopening disused lines and stations has been much discussed. Yet, despite hundreds of reopenings being proposed, few reach construction. This report outlines the case for an initial national reopening programme of 33 priority schemes, based on their viability and social, economic and environmental benefits.
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