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Tell us what buses mean to you

Friends on the busOur research found that 16 per cent of bus services were cut in the first year of the pandemic alone. But buses haven't stopped being vital. They are still vital to cutting traffic and pollution. They are still vital to accessing work and education, including for the 35 per cent of low-income households that have no car. They are still vital to tackling loneliness, and enabling people to live full lives.

We're calling on the Government to protect and improve lifeline bus services. You can help by telling us what buses mean to you and your community. Please submit your comment by filling in our simple form. We might send your comment to the Government, or share it publicly, for instance on our website or social media, to show that buses are vital.

We might send your quote to the Government, or use it on our website, social media or elsewhere, to show why buses are vital.
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