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  • What we do

What we do

Campaign for Better Transport's vision is for all communities to have access to high quality, sustainable transport that meets their needs, improves quality of life and protects the environment.

Since 1973, Campaign for Better Transport has led calls for improvements to the country’s transport networks, campaigning for transport which is greener, more affordable and easier to use.

Campaign for Better Transport's mission is to make sustainable transport available to all and encourage its use.

  • Sustainable transport limits greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of the air and water; relies on renewable resources or active travel; and minimises the impact from the use of land and the generation of noise.
  • Sustainable transport connects people to jobs, education, services and other people.
  • Sustainable transport is affordable, operates fairly and efficiently, facilitates the choice of transport modes, and supports a competitive economy.
  • Sustainable transport modes are any efficient, safe and accessible means of transport with overall low impact on the environment.  

How we work

Working across England and Wales, Campaign for Better Transport shapes the future of mobility by collaborating with national and local government, developers, employers, operators, NGOs, and communities to make transport better, greener, healthier and affordable.

There are four values that underpin how we work:

  • Be ambitious: We aim high, exceed expectations and take risks
  • Be evidence led: We base our decisions and actions on evidence
  • Be effective: We focus on outcomes and impacts
  • Be collaborative: We work together with others to meet shared objectives and achieve the best results

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